Local Food Bank

Every week during worship, we bless crates of food being donated to Bienvenidos Food Bank (also known as Northwest Family Assistance). We have a big orange community donations food box outside our front door to collect donations. 

During this time of pandemic, Highlands continues our strong partnership with Bienvenidos. While Food Bank staff are focusing on obtaining food in bulk and on distributing food, individual donors are directed to the Highlands orange box. We empty the box daily, check “best by” dates, and sort and crate the food. We temporarily store the food and, each Wednesday, deliver 12-15 crates of needed items to the Food Bank. We also collect empty egg cartons – the Food Bank buys eggs in bulk and needs cartons for egg distribution. This opens volunteer opportunities for individuals in our Highlands community – we are looking for folks to empty the box and check “best by” dates. Sign-up below.

We also want to recognize one outstanding group of volunteers – our kids. In addition to helping their parents empty the donation box and check “best by” dates, our kids have been sorting and crating food and personal care items; bagging bulk rice; and assembling family hygiene kits, coffee K-cup bags, and healthy snack bags. They do this volunteer work with great enthusiasm and an understanding of our food ministry. Our thanks to Ellery, Hadley, Tess, John, Magnolia, Cade, and Lucy.

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